Without the knowledge of puppy labor laws, Vito joined Pitts Brothers as a ten-week-old puppy in the fall of 2006 as a door greeter & security. Although he has failed tremendously at each of his job duties, Vito remains an integral part of our office. He is a lazy dog with his day consisting mostly of moving from one room to he next looking for a comfortable place to take a snooze. The one job that he has excelled at over the years, however, is his ability to disrupt (thanks to his barking and the occasional marking of his territory on the lobby plants). Regardless of his inability to do any job he is assigned, what he lacks in brain, he makes up for in compassion. This brings us to his latest position as “Vito the Conselieri”, Vito will provide advice to the lonely and forlorn and anyone else seeking counsel. Vito can be contacted at